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Stories for sale:

"Cornhusker: Demon Gene," a werewolf-type tale of how a young man reacts to the tragedy of becoming what he's feared his whole life.

"Scavenger: Red Sands (Scavenger #1)" - Sand fanfic (based in the world of Hugh Howey's newest novel, Sand; with permission by Hugh). Short story, 6k words. A husband on the brink of betraying his estranged wife, gets involved in a terrorist plot and may not be able to get out before he loses everything.

"Scavenger: Blue Dawn (Scavenger #2)" - Part Two (88 pages) of the new epic set in Hugh Howey's world of SAND, a future American dystopia covered in sand and ruled by the powerful few. Written and sold with his permission, Scavenger can be read without having read SAND.

Called Mad Max 2 with more sand, the journey of Divemaster Rush across the sands of this post-apocalyptic America continues. The narrow escape out of Springston toward the fabled under-sand city of Danvar will risk many lives as the technologies of the past and the leaders of the present collide in a race across the American Desert and into an abandoned military base.

"The Bomb in the President's Bathroom" in the Tales from Pennsylvania anthology (Amish SciFi). A journalist must save a mother and her son before a catastrophic event levels the city.
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